At Palo Alto Dental Center we use a cordless soft tissue diode laser.

Lasers enable us to perform more procedures, in less time with better and more predictable results. It gives better healing times with less overall discomfort. We treat herpetic ulcers, apthous ulcers, and desensitize teeth. It is also used for removal of soft tissue lesions and frenectomy.

One of the very important applications of laser therapy is its use for periodontal disease. Its application in addition to deep cleaning will improve the pocket depths and the result of therapy. Another very important application is gingival recontouring. A lot of times our gingivae are not even so by slight gingival reconouring we get a lot better aesthetic results.

Last but not least we use laser for troughing of the tissues during crown procedures. This will enable us to prepare better and more accurate margins.