Our office is proud to be one of the leading offices in practicing neuromuscular dentistry. The foundation of neuromuscular dentistry is that the muscles, joints and teeth need to be in harmony. As a neuromuscular dentist Dr Morshedi establishes an ideal jaw position which in turn establishes an ideal bite. This is established using a TENS machine which sends gentle electrical stimulation to the head and neck muscles which control the lower jaw.

An imperfect bite not only jeopardizes the long term result in dental treatment but also cause many other symptoms such as:

Since the body is very adaptable the person with imperfect bite might not have any symptoms but just have the signs which can be evaluated during the dental check up.

After the ideal bite is determined by the TENS machine, then this position is established by one of the several methods: appliance therapy, re-contouring, orthodontics or restorative dentistry.

Any of these methods can be employed to move the jaw back to its natural and comfortable position. Final restoration can involve many combinations of techniques and materials and customized to the individual patients requirements.

The underlying philosophy is to create the most beautiful, natural, healthy and durable result possible. It can be truely life changing.