COVID 19 Precautions and Protocols

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We are in total compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines about the COVID 19 infection control. We also stagger patients to make sure we have patients one at a time in the office. If by any chance there are 2 patients in the office at the same time, they are in 2 different operatories that have plenty of distance away (12 feet apart) from each other with doors in between. Also, we do not seat another patient in the same chair as the last patient for at least a couple of hours, which was disinfected with HOCL spray and wiped with Caviwipe, at least 2 hours ago if not longer. We have air filters with Hepa filter and UV light in each room. We ourselves wear a double mask and a shield and disposable gowns, and of course, we screen each patient when they arrive as well as check their temperatures